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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Sister's Wedding

September 3rd, 2005.
Hair, make-up, dresses.
Flowers, flats, jewelry.
Family, pictures, smiles.
Tears of joy, shaking hands.
Sparkling white dress, red rubys.
Black tie, red vest.
Hand in hand, more smiles.
Two wooden doors, flowers being tossed.
Anxious glances, parents sniffling.
Slow moving steps, sweet soft music.
Red dresses, black ties.
More tears, I do's.
Two rings, one kiss.
Wide smiles, arm in arm.
Two wooden doors, more tears.
Microphone, maid of honor loves the bride.
Dancing, holding on tightly.
Cakes cut, kisses.
Bride, groom.
Husband, wife.
Car pulls up, dress stuffed in.
Happiness, joy, love.
Rings, kisses, smiles.
Love that will last a lifetime.

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